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May 12, 2023
Salt water cruise from Whittier into Blackstone Bay.  [ Read More ]
Apr 1, 2023
We received these photos and details from a snowmachiner that triggered an avalanche near Whittier today. He was able to ride off the slab and was not caught or carried.  [ Read More ]
A very large avalanche was triggered in the Palmer Creek drainage on Sunday, March 26th. The avalanche entrained an entire bowl and sent debris over the Palmer Ck road, well  [ Read More ]
Palmer Creek road. FORECATER UPDATE:  Additional information can be found on another report sent to the avalanche center HERE.  [ Read More ]
Dec 21, 2022
Between laps above Hiland road we observed this avalanche on a SSW aspect above the main stem of ER. Unknown time of release. There was a very slight NE breeze  [ Read More ]