Observation: Chugach State Park

Location: West nose of little O'Malley 61.110005, -149.66004

Route & General Observations

Took a time out from snow blowing and toured out Williwaw Lakes trail from Glen Alps to see how the new snow was reacting. Chose a little open meadow on the nose of Little O’Malley

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Snowing >1in/hr. Calm with occasional light down valley breeze.

Snow surface

New snow settling on this morning's freezing rain crust.


Handpits along the trails on both the way out and back were showing the freezing rain layer failing on isolation.

HS 92cm, CT7 at 54cm, ECTP11 at 54cm, PST 38/100 on under the crust at 54cm. West facing 28 degree slope
Main layers were:
89-92 F+ new snow
88-89 Sunday morning freezing rain crust
88-64 F+ new snow from overnight Saturday
64-54 F Saturday's snow (denser than layer above)
54-54 K 1 mm crust with facets below
54-41 4F
41-41 K 1mm crust
0-41 4F-

Ski Pen ~25cm
Boot pen ~80cm

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