Observation: Turnagain

Location: Upper tincan creek

Route & General Observations

Toured upper tincan creek area.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

No observed, although has some light collapsing in flat valley areas. Snowpack didn't seem to mind a recent cornince fall on a NW aspect.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Valley winds out of the SE, very light snow transport in upper bowls, none observed on ridges. Warm on sunny ridge, cold in shaded valley and only slightly warmer in sunny areas of the upper valley.

Snow surface

A 2-3cm crust was fairly prevalent on upper SW aspect closer to ridgeline, however southern aspects skied well once below ridge. Didn't see any large sluffs. Was able to make a snowball on a south aspect around 1:30pm @ 3,500' approx.


Pit @ 3,900', SW aspect, 28 degree slope, pit depth 110cm. CTV @ 99cm (surface facets, 1F interface) and 110cm. ECTX. Height of snow was over 300cm, hard to tell if basal facets existed. Aside from surface crust the pit profile was right side up.