Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: Upper Stairstep, South face of Skyscraper, Eldorado

Route & General Observations

Did road obs to look at outlier slab avalanches and observed sluffs over the last couple days. Toured up Eldorado today with no red flags for instability on east or south aspects. This observation has photos of avalanches from the past 2 days.

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Forecaster Comments

Tons of people were out recreating on Sunday and Monday. Numerous lines were skied and snowmachined without incident. This is good information but avalanches are still occurring infrequently in isolated and extreme terrain. A few outlier avalanches occurred over the past week. One avalanche yesterday on upper Stairstep likely got more wind than reported on the 14th (Arkose winds are always stronger than Marmot) and looks like it failed on facets sitting on a smooth crust bed surface. More info to come.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Natural slab avalanche observed on Punk Spines on Sunday.
Human triggered avalanche on WNW aspect upper Stairstep on Sunday.
Numerous sluffs observed Sunday and Monday with largest being loose dry.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Temps: A low of 6deg F and a high of 15 degF at 4500'.
Calm winds

Snow surface

Observed surface hoar growing on the surface on east and north aspects today.
A brittle but skiable thin surface sun crust formed yesterday and could be felt today underfoot but only on steep south aspects.

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