Observation: Turnagain

Location: Turnagain Pass - Road Observations

Route & General Observations

Field Observations
Dec.8, 2014

Road observations from Turnagain Pass and Summit Lake

Weather @ Turnagain Pass (1000ft)
Temps in high 30’s F
Winds were light to moderate
Visibility good to about 3500ft
Raining moderate to heavy

Obvious Signs of Instability
Recent Avalanches – Yes (we saw predominantly wet loose avalanches, two were shallow wet slabs)
– Natural D2 wet slab on the western leeward aspect of Lipps at about 2800ft (photo)
– Natural D2 wet slab on southwestern cross-loaded aspect of Pete’s South 2500ft elevation (photo)
– Widespread D1 to D2 wet loose avalanches initiating between 2,000′ and 3,000′ on all aspects throughout Turnagain Pass.
– Some D1 – D2 wet loose avalanches in Summit Lake (near Seward.)
Shooting Cracks – N/A

Surface Obs
@1000ft – 2″ of wet snow with standing water, creeks are open, lots of running water in drainages (photo)

Photos: Heather Thamm

Video: Weather conditions at 800′, about a mile north of Turnagain Pass proper. Watch at your own risk – rated “R” for….. well you can guess…

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