Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan trees and north side Tincan Ridge

Route & General Observations

Left Tincan PL and approx. 1100 Skied NW along base of Tincan Ridge before climbing up through mixed alder/timber to high pt. at 2142ft to apex of NW ridge of Tincan. Dropped below Tincan cornice and skied out North End and back to PL in a 4.2 mi loop. Very few skiers out, probably die to the low temps.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Observed skier triggered sluffs off SE facing side of Seattle Ridge (pic). No indications of sluffing along our entire route on Tincan side.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Was -14F when left Tincan PL at approx. 1100. Skies partly cloudy and winds calm. Sky 2/3 covered by AS by end of day. At 1400 at 2142ft was -2F with calm winds.

Snow surface

On flats below PL observed F broken particles with 1mm surface hoar and facets forming. Observed close to the same on our route up the mtn with some increase in facet size.


Total snow depth on flats below PL was 105cm with the upper 75cm of F broken particles with 1mm surface hoar and facets. Hand shears indicated no slab formation at any point along our route and ski cuts produced only minor sluffing. Did not ski cut Tincan cornice (pic).
Observed no skier triggered sluffing on NE side of Tincan Ridge or in bowls while skiing out north end. No formal snow pits or stability tests were done.

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