Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan Trees

Route & General Observations

Around 12-14″ of medium density snow had fallen as of 3pm Feb. 1st (today).
Snowfall rates on Turnagain Pass, and up to 2500′, were 2-3″ per hour during the
afternoon and were not showing any signs of abating when we left. Winds, below
treeline, were moderate with strong gusts (20mph gusting 40+mph). These were
from the SE, E and NE. Snow became noticeably lower density with elevation.
Inverted (upside down) below 1500′.

Very sensitive and touchy avalanche conditions. Every rollover that was steep
enough to slide (above 35 deg) slid very easily with a human trigger (sorry
photos did not come out well enough to post). These were wind slabs and soft
slabs ranging from 6″ to 18″ at that time – but deeper now – failing at the
new/old snow interface, or just above the old snow surface.

Pit at NW 2300′ 32 deg. had:
CT 4-8 and ECTN Q2 at new/old interface 40-45cm down
2x CT 11 and ECTN Q2 60cm down in the old snow (density change?).

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