Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan, north side

Route & General Observations

Quick tour over to the north side of Tincan ridge.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

No red flags.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Mostly sunny!
Light east breeze on the Tincan Ridge above Common Bowl.
Temps in the upper 20's - warm and nice day...

Snow surface

Surface hoar on the snow surface - up to 1cm in size at elevations around 2,000' and below. It was wind blown over above this.
Below 2,000', 4-8" of soft settled powder (faceting snow).
Above 2,000', wind effect. Mostly wind crust with some wind slab and sastrugi on the CFR ridge.


We dug 2 pits and found no signs of instability in the area we traveled.
The winds from last night only seemed to form crust and very small slabs a few inches thick - that said we didn't get into terrain that would have seen stronger winds.
However, we did see the two avalanches noted in another report from Seattle Ridge. These were shallow wind slabs on the road side of Seattle. One skier triggered and the other is unknown trigger.

Pit #1 @ 1,100' west aspect
Snow depth 10' or so and dug down around 3'
ECTN 24 down 12" on buried surface hoar and facets (2/9 layer)
ECTN 28 down 16" on buried surface hoar and facets over a stout crust (1/28 layer)

Pit #2, 3,000' north aspect
Snow depth 5' (160cm) scoured zone, pit was 3' deep
ECTX, soft snow over gradually stiffer wind slabs.

NOTE: We found what looked to be a slab avalanche from afar at 1,100' west aspect. This turned out to be small glide cracks and where the pack is peeling away from a steep but short terrain feature.

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