Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan Common

Route & General Observations

Tincan Common (3300′)

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

See photos below for mid-storm debris in hippy bowl, below CFR ridge - some similar activity on sunny side and nearby peaks.
A small natural crown from a D1 - towards the end of the storm - was also observed on the steeps of NE ridge on skiers right of Todds Run, at ~2700'; this crown didn't look to be too deep, breaking within storm snow (no photo, bad light!)
A glide crack - pictured above - on Seattle Ridge across from Tincan today

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Broken skies -> few clouds by mid afternoon with some patches of valley fog (1500-1000').
Temps in the 20s, teens up high. Occasional light variable winds on above treeline.

Snow surface

~3cm of new snow overnight... sitting on the massive storm from last week!
Dry snow on the surface, even at the parking lot elevation.
Ski penetration of 30cm below and at treeline, 20-30cm above treeline.


3-4' of new snow from last week, with the mid-storm warming event producing a melt freeze crust ~30cm down at 1000'.
This mid-pack melt freeze crust is a few cm thick at the parking lot and becomes less stout with elevation... less than a cm thick at 2000', disappearing completely around 2800'. Dry surface snow was sitting on moist snow to the ground at all elevations traveled. Moist snow starts 30cm down at the parking lot elevation (1000'), and started 60cm down at our pit location of 3300'.

See below for pit structure - unremarkable stability test results - at 3300' on a north aspect just below Tincan Common. There were no clear interfaces in the storm snow, just progressively harder snow to the ground! As noted in the pit image, the new snow from last week sat on a stout, 1-5cm thick melt freeze crust (varying in thickness) across the bottom of the pit wall. While there were some small pockets of loose, 1-2mm facets (also pictured) within this melt freeze crust, there wasn't consistency in the structure at the pit location.

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