Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan Alpine

Route & General Observations

Standard approach to Tincan alpine. Conducted instability tests adjacent the ridgeline between Hippy Bowl and Common Bowl uptrack at 3,100’ and received no alarming results. Few clouds over south Turnagain Pass, but clear otherwise with active wind plumes/loading above 3,000′. Splendid surface conditions above 1,500’, MFc below (4F). Widespread 2-8mm surface hoar feathers. Great skiing!

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

No cracking, collapsing or observed releases.
Dry Loose on steeper slopes.
Cornices are continuing to build and older debris visible from Hippy Bowl ridgeline.
Wind plumes above 3,000’

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Clear Skies with scattered high clouds towards south Turnagain Pass.
12:30-3pm active SE wind plumes @Hippy Bowl
SE wind 5-10 mph with irregular gusts to 25 mph.
*Surface hoar being transported @ 3,100’*
-10°C @ 1,000’ (11am)
All observed trees/alders held accumulation.

Snow surface

Surface Hoar feathers 2-8mm, Widespread and being transported by wind @ 3,100’.
1,000’-1,500’ 4F Melt-freeze crust below surface hoar
1,500’-2,500’ 20-30cm F NSF below surface hoar
HS 178cm @2,200’
HS 230cm @3,100’
Ski/Boot: 15cm/40cm


My focus was to assess first 100cm of current setup.
Tests showed moderate structure, moderate strength, and poor propagation propensity, though I did not get below 128cm to see our lurking deep persistent problem.
I dug in the same exact area as four days ago to see the progression of current layers, and was surprised to see the rime crust I found approx 38cm, to be non-existent.
In addition, the NSF are still present up to 25cm below surface, mixed with decomposing fragments, along with N/O interfaces trying to be cohesive from results.
With wind and precipitation in the Fx, another load on the surface hoar, NSF, multiple MF crusts, midpack facets, and basal facets, there is bound to be some exciting activity to break up this stagnation.
*See Snowpilot*

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