Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan

Route & General Observations

No one out recreating in the Turnagain Pass area today. Which is not surprising
with the little snow cover. Travel was up to 3,500′

Mild, in the upper 20’s, and partly cloudy. A moderate southwesterly wind
persisted on the Tincan ridge but seemed confined to between 3,000 and 3,400′.
No plumes seen.

In general, the snow from the Nov 10 storm is very loose, unsupportable and
decomposing. Above 2,500′, the older October snow is still loose and faceted.
There is some even older hard melt-freeze snow (likely from Sept.) that seems
fairly sporadic.

Avalanche / stability obs:
No recent avalanche activity. Old crowns are still visible from Nov 10 and 11.
Performed 2 ETC tests near the Tincan Common Bowl human triggered slide (nov
11). These did not produce any results – ECTX. The slab has weakened to the
point it has lost its slab properties. (see photo)

Wind has been moving the snow around at the mid elevations. I found it
interesting that there was much less wind damage in the higher terrain. Wind
slabs I did find were hard and stubborn to crack or move.

Observed Avalanche Danger:

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