Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan

Route & General Observations

Travel from 1,000′ to 2,500′ in the Tincan tree area near the CFR avalanche that
occurred yesterday.

Storm day. Obscured skies and snowing 1″ per hour. Temps in the upper 20’s F and
winds light in the trees but blowing in the 20mph range at treeline from the

Recent Avalanches:
None observed

Signs of instability:
Heavy snowfall
Moderate wind
One small localized collapse in the trees

Surface Conditions:
6″ of new medium density snow by 3:30pm

Below 2,500′: (We stayed below treeline today due to the rising avalanche danger
and lack of visibility)
Total depth 2-3′
At 2,200′ the weak November facets still exist at the base of the snowpack (8-10″ thick).
There are a variety of crusts sandwiched in the facets. The slab is 18″ to 2′ thick
on top of the weak snow.

Other comments:
We ventured to the site of the CFR avalanche yesterday in hopes of locating a dog
that was buried in the slide as well as conducting additional snowpack assessments.
Despite a search dog finding an ‘area of interest’ and heavy snowfall/wind keeping
us off the upper elevations, we did not succeed in either one of these tasks today.

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