Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan

Route & General Observations

Standard approach to 3,050 ft. (high point) to conduct instability tests. Absolute blue bird day, with calm wind, and beautiful Surface hoar feathers up to 8mm at all observed elevations. My intentions were set on finding the depth and reactivity of the NYE layer in the alpine, and received no alarming tests results. Solar effect was strong, as many wet-loose releases were visually obvious within SSW aspects on Common and Hippy Bowl.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Solar Effect on SSW aspects

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Clear sky, with few clouds near Johnson Pass
-9°C to -11°C throughout the day ( Shaded)
Calm winds, no gusts
Strong sun effect, with visual Wet-Loose releases on SSW aspects ( Hippy Bowl)

Snow surface

Surface Hoar feathers, 4-8mm, were present up to my high point at 3,050ft.
No sun crust observed, but spoke with many skiers of distinct crusts on direct southern aspects.
Ski/Boot Pen: 30/65cm
Alders and Trees showed signs of settlement with creeping and detached snow


In general, my focus was to assess the recent storm snow interface, and find the depth, reactivity and metamorphic state of the January facets.

A distinct, possibly the NYE Facet-MF-Facet, layer was found approx. 150cm below surface, with 1F-P rounds, DF, and PP above. The 1/20(MLK BSH) was not observed/found in this specific pit. I received results from the CT that was on the lower NYE Facets, but received ECTX on large column testing, leading me to believe the Facet layer is becoming more cohesive, and the MF crust is thinning/ healing, where it once was bridging the lower facets.
*See Hardness Profile and SnowPilot for Details*

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