Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan

Route & General Observations

Our group of three ascended standard approach track towards treeline to assess recent wind, , snowfall with intentions to move into alpine. While moving above 2,500 ft we encountered variable wind compacted surface conditions from 5-20cm in thickness, 4F Hardness, on exposed ridgelines. Consistent rimed surfaces up to 2,300ft. Two pits were conducted with results within both, to include failure on 1/20 BSH. Temps remained with the 20’s with a consistent, light NE wind, and Broken to Overcast Skies.
Great skiing with our high point at 3,500ft.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Observation of recent wind loading with pillows and sptial vriability in wind compaction forming on surface.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Broken trending to Overcast skies throughout entire day
-3°C at 1,000ft at 10:00am
Temps were consistently in the 20’s from 10am-4pm
Winds were calm to Light from the NE with no gusts or observed wind-loading.
Sun Halo was present from 12:00-2pm

Snow surface

Rimed stellars were widespread and found up to 2,300 ft.
Wind compacted and 4F stiffened snow surfaces were variable up to 3,500 ft.
No results on ski tests, and no cracking or distinct whumphing encountered.


In general, our focus was to see the wind effect on recent snow and surfaces along with assessment of the NYE Crust, 1/20 buried surface hoar, and the advancement or healing of all facets layers.

Two pits were conducted:
-S Facing, 3,160 ft
-W Facing, 2,720 ft
both of which can be viewed in the Snowpilot attachments.

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