Observation: Turnagain

Location: TIncan

Route & General Observations

Ascended standard approach track towards alpine with intentions on conducting instability tests above 3,000ft. Generally clear and sunny with gradual cloud cover from 2-4pm. Calm to light winds from the NE throughout tour with temps in the 20’s all day. Wind effect apparent within alders/trees due to wind ripples and trees lacking snow.
Surface hoar (.5-2mm) present on all surfaces from 1,000- 1,600ft.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
Please provide details to help us determine the weather and snowpack during the time this observation took place.

12:00-2pm: Generally Clear and sunny with calm winds from the NE. Temps within 20-25°F range with no precip.
2-4pm: Gradually deteriorating skies, scattered to overcast, with consistent light wind from NE. Temps around 20°F. No Precip

Snow surface

Surface hoar (.5-2mm) present on all surfaces from 1,000- 1,600ft.
Wind compacted snow surfaces generally in the first 5-20cm (4F Hardness) were sporadic and widespread above 2,000 ft.
Low volume sluffing was visually obvious and consistent on adjacent slope (Common Bowl/ Hippy Bowl) on slopes 30°+.


In general, the snowpack above 3,000 ft, have a F- to 4F wind-compacted layer within the first 40cm which can be felt with a probe/ski pole penetration. No BSH was found in specific pit location, but due to pit location and my test depth, the suspect, seasonal, consistent weak layers may be far deeper than what I tested. Will dig deeper or find more representative next outing. LOC is the 4F-F Hard, 2mm thick Facet layer, 113cm below surface with P hard below.
HS 205cm @ 2,300 ft
HS 300-340 @3,000ft+
*See SnowPilot for details* (Photo #5 )

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