Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan

Route & General Observations

10:00am- My partner and I ascended standard approach track, conducted snow instability tests at the base of Hippy Bowl, and skied a few laps within Hippy Bowl and Common Bowl. Many groups descending all aspects from Proper, Library, Todds’s and Common Bowl observed throughout the day with no observed incidents. Loose-Dry is a concern, along with many obvious wind-loading pillows waiting to new skier-triggered over Common and Hippy Bowl. Sunny, cool day!

Weather & Snow Characteristics
Please provide details to help us determine the weather and snowpack during the time this observation took place.

Scattered to Few skies throughout the day with Valley Fog over Turnagain Arm approx 2,300-1,800 ft.
Calm to Light E winds with sporadic gusts up to 15mph above 2,000 ft.
No Precip throughout the entire day.
Sunny, Cold with temperatures ranging from -25°C to -5°C.

Snow surface

1-2mm surface hoar is now present from 1,000 ft to 3,200 ft on all aspects. (Photo 1)
Surface Hoar feathers are sitting over 19/20JAN Fresh, now decomposing precipitation particles.
Wind-packed snow is felt on ridgelines, but unconsolidated, and isolated to Leeward, Southern aspects.


Snowpack is generally right-side up with the widespread facet layer, generally 50cm below surface the 19/20JAN storm, acting as a cohesive, structured layer in recent pits. (Consistent trend)
We conducted instability tests near the base of Hippy Bowl, near the skin track towards Common Bowl Plateau.

12:15pm, 3,110 ft, W Aspect, 17° Slope, -25°C, SCT, No Precip, Calm Winds
HS 252cm
Test Depth: 96cm
Hardness Profile:
96-(Surface)F, 1-2mm Surface Hoar, (/), Dry
-F (/), Dry
-4F Facets (Rounds), Dry
-1F-4F Rounds (Facets), Dry
, Rounds, Dry
STM 45cm down on Rounds (Facets)
CT 23 RP 32cm below surface on 1-2mm Facets (Rounds).

Photos & Video
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