Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan

Route & General Observations

Toured up the standard West ridge and traversed to the Northwest ridge above CFR. Test pits above CFR showed moderate reactivity on the valentines day (near surface facets) 5-8″ below the surface and one test had propagation on this layer  Ascended the NW ridge to Todd’s bowl. Dug a pit at 3500′ in the starting zone of Todd’s. Found good stability and no results in Compression tests.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

None observed today

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Clear and sunny
Temps teens F to mid 20s F - warming with elevation
Light North wind shifted to the South by late afternoon
No precip

Snow surface

1000-1500': Patches of surface hoar (4-8mm) on 6-7" loose snow (near surface facets)
1500' - 2000': 6-7" loose snow (near surface facets)
2000' - 3500': wind scoured ridges, 4-5" of settle snow (near surface facets) in many places, and 1-2cm sun crust on steep due South aspects.


Dug two pits along the NW ridge above CFR, one pit on a West aspect and the other on North. The only reactive layer in tests was the valentines days near surface facets found at ~2650' under a slab that was 5-7" thick.

Pit 1 - 2628' - W Aspect - 22 degree - HS:275cm
STM, CT3, ECTN18 down 15cm on vday facets (.5mm PP/Frags)
SSH down 75cm MLK BSH sitting on top of faceting grains.

Pit 2- 2645' - N Aspect - 30 degrees - HS:220cm
CT11. ECTP13, ECTN14 down 20cm on vday facets (1mm)
MLK layer not found within top 115cm

Pit 3 - 3556' - N Aspect (Todd's)- 28 degrees - HS:155cm
MLK layer 20cm down 5mm non reactive (very thin MF crust (2mm) above and below 6-10mm buried surface hoar)
STM down 30cm in 1mm facets (not MLK or vday)
1-1.5mm facet/MF layer down 60cm non reactive
CTN x 2

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