Observation: Other Regions

Location: Tincan

Route & General Observations

This pit was dug at about 3000′ on the Southwest Aspect of
Common. The entire column of about 4 feet of new storm snow
failed on the sugary facets (depth hoar) on the ground. It was
moderate failure of 16 (CTM16Q3 126 cm), but that entire column
feel away from the pit wall.

It seems the new storm snow is strong; so, it is holding itself
together as a whole slope. However, whenever you isolate this
storm snow into a column, it fails easily to moderatly on the
facets. If you look at this snowpack in simple terms, it is a 4
foot slab on top of a weak layer of facets.

This is not a good time for big lines. Don’t take your chances
with this deep instabity which can be difficult to trigger, but
have big consequences if it does. Give the snow some time. It
should heal up real nice, but we are not there yet.