Observation: Summit

Location: Tenderfoot W Face

Route & General Observations

Report of a remotely triggered Avalanche on the west side of Tenderfoot ridge.
Attached is a map. The bed surface outlined, “x” marks the spot where it was
triggered. Avalanche was reportedly around 100’ wide, slid around 300’ and had a
16″ crown. Here’s the description:

“We chose the strategy of, go-to-the-coldest-weather-station, which of course is
Summit. We had a nice tour quite a ways back on the tenderfoot ridge and some
decent turns off both the ridge-tourer’s left and right.

Toward the end of the day, as we were negotiating our way down to the valley
floor, I remotely triggered a slab avalanche with a 2-foot crown. I was
intentionally avoiding that slope, as it was convex and steeper than necessary,
but I was still surprised by the remote trigger and significant upslope propagation.

If you find yourself on a slope that has not yet shed the recent storm snow and
the sun starts baking, look the hell out! “

Photos & Video
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