Observation: Summit

Location: Tenderfoot Ridge

Route & General Observations

Tenderfoot Ridge. Top of the Cell Tower Meadow

Signs of Instability:
No recent avalanches
No shooting racks
No collapsing

Wind packed powder covering up last weekend’s skin track. S-1 precipitation with
heavier flurries. Light wind from the North. Skies mostly covered. Mid to high

Stability tests did not release anything. Only with “AK Crushers” did something
fail at the bottom of a rain crust at 77 cm. A shovel sheer produced a failure
at an interface at 102 cm. Lots of round grains with the ground depth hoar
starting to round out.

It seems there was a glitch in the graph for the melt form grain type ‘o’ at 25cms. There is no hardness displayed. Nonetheless, this observation points to a pack around 2,000′ in the Summit area that is quite strong.

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