Observation: Summit

Location: Tenderfoot Ridge

Route & General Observations

Common Westerly ridge of Tenderfoot

Snowing heavily until 1pm when skies cleared. Southerly winds moderate at treeline and strong above
treeline. Temperature at 1,000′ 32F, 2,400′ 27F.

Obvious Signs of Instability:
Recent Avalanches – Yes – One wind slab avalanche seen from a distance. Was on a upper elevation
westerly aspect between Manitoba and Moose. Roughly D2 running 800′ or so.
Collapsing – Yes – localized collapsing in facets/mixed forms below crust. ~30cm down (see pit profile)
Cracking – Yes – shooting cracks in fresh wind slabs at treeline (2,400)

Snow Surface:
3″ of new low density snow.
At treeline and above the new snow was being transported rapidly by the strong winds into wind crust,
wind slabs 2-10″ thick and scoured areas (see video).

Snowpack Observations:
Total average snow depth at 2,400′ – 100cm
ECTP V (failure on isolation of pit) @ 10cm down in hardness change – Fresh Wind Slab.
No other results in the pit.
There is a lot of weak snow in the pack. Mostly facets and mixed forms along with two rain crusts in
bottom half of pack. Older settled snow with 3″ of new wind distributed snow above. The only slab noted
was the very fresh wind slab from today.

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