Observation: Summit

Location: Tenderfoot

Route & General Observations

AAS Level 2, Group E. toured up the standard W aspect uptrack on Tenderfoot to 2600′. Our objective was focused on snowpack observation and found the New Year’s crust continues to be a layer of concern. We descended on the W aspect, found high quality ski conditions in mellow terrain.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Recent natural avalanches in steep SSW terrain of Hale Bop (possible from wind events from earlier in the week?)

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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morning clouds to afternoon clearing
Temps in the teens
Calm winds
No precip

Snow surface

stellar dendrites, ~6" of new snow at the parking lot, (beautiful pow)


Group dug 3 pits at 2200', 2 at 2600', 1 at 2500'
Found the new year's crust/facet combo to be reactive and a layer of concern.
Pit results at 2200' WNW aspect

HS= 130cm -31*
CT 19, down 45cm , Failing on NY facets on top of the NY crust
CT 25, down 55cm, below the NY crust
ECTN 17, down 55 cm
PST 40/100 on facets above NYE crust

HS= 130, 31*
CT13 SC, down 30cm
CT22 sc, down 40cm

HS=145, 28*
CT14 Q2 SC, down 50cm, failing on facets above the NY crust
ECTN 17, down 50cm, failing on factets above NY crust

PIts at 2600' (HS ranged 110-145cm)

HS=120, W aspect, 25*
CT22 Q2 SC, down 20cm, on advanced facets above the NY double crust
ECTP 14, down 20cm, on advanced facets above NY double crust, below grain size 2-3mm
(1F ~11cm slab above advanced facets)

NW aspect
CT21 Q2, down 20cm, failing on suspected wind slab
ECTN 19, down 18cm , failing on suspected wind slab

2500' NNW aspect
CT16 sc, down 75cm
ECTN 17, down 35cm

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