Observation: Summit

Location: Tenderfoot

Route & General Observations

Standard Tenderfoot uptrack, and then along the ridge to a highpoint of 4100′. Looking for existing weak layers and observing the surface conditions.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Old debris between Tenderfoot and Butch and an avalanche crown on the SW Bowl of Butch seen. None looked within the last day or two - probably during or immediately following the storm that ended last week.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Broken Skies
Low-Mid 30sF along ridgetop, mid-40sF at road level
Light NW Winds
No new precip

Snow surface

~Car to 3000' - Supportable crusts with moist snow beneath it. About 1' of crust interfaces above wet angular facets. Throughout the day the supportable crust became softer and an enjoyable ski on more western facing aspects.
Above 3000' - Transition to dry snow, still a primarily supportable crust. A thin sun warmed surface film was forming on South West aspects, while on North West aspects it was soft drier snow with two thin crust interfaces on top. The upper thin crust had 4-6mm surface hoar, cup-shapped.


Below 3000' - we found that the snowpack had a thick crust interface about 30-35cm of crusts, on top of moist angular facets.
Above 3000' - we found a transition to more dry snow, specifically looking on Northern Apects in which we believed a weaker snow structure would exists. We dug two pits and found that weak faceted layers do still exist within the upper 2' of the snowpack - but there is spatial variability between these pits.

Pit 1 - 3300' - N aspect - HS=132cm - 24*slope
Reactive 4F 1-2mm facet layer down 40cm - this layer was 6-7cm thick.
Uneven break within the CTQ2 x 2
ECT failed with a sudden collapse x 2 at the bottom of this layer on top of Pencil hard wind packed grains
2mm 1F+ facet layer down 70cm - 12cm thick layer
Depth hoar at bottom of pit on a very firm crust

Pit 2 - 3300' - N aspect - HS:225cm - 23* slope
An area with much more wind deposition.
Many hard wind packed rounds, very few obvious layers.
1-2mm 1F- facets down 70cm below a layer of buried surface hoar.
No reaction in any tests.

These two pits were in very close relation to each other, but had large structural differences.

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