Observation: Summit

Location: Tenderfoot

Route & General Observations

Skied Dec 30th and 31st on Tenderfoot Ridge, mostly below 2800′ due to poor visibility, but did get to 3700′ on Dec 30th.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

None noted on Dec 30th before the new snow started. We dug a pit and had non-reactive results.
Some cracking along the skin track noted on the 31st (example in picture), after the new snow started, but cracks were in/under the existing crust. The 0-3" of new snow was fairly well bonded to the old surface.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Light snow and high overcast clouds, light gusty winds from the NNE. Temps around 30F.
We were obviously in the weather-shadow of Silvertip, Spirit Walker, and other tall peaks to the NE and E.
We could see on the 31st that it was snowing heavily north of Silvertip and south of John Mountain. The middle Summit Lake area was a calm anomaly.

Snow surface

Wind worked soft~ish slabs over a crust (steel plate to supportable to easily breakable)


We dug a pit on Dec 30th.
2600ft, WSW Aspect, 31deg slope
HS 80 cm
CT15 Q3 resistant collapse in top 5-6cm of soft slab above melt-freeze crust
CT31+ Q2 collapse after extra big hit, on loose dry basal facets

ECTN 7 in top 5-6cm of soft slab above melt-freeze crust
ECTX continued test
ECTP on loose dry basal facets after hard two foot drops and a shovel pry.

Based upon these results we did not repeat tests on 2nd day when the new snow was only 3" or less and seemed decently bonded to the old pack.

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