Observation: Turnagain

Location: Sunburst W and S face

Route & General Observations

Winds 10 to 20 on ridge, stronger near first false summit (common). Snow has
settled a lot since Tuesday and is gaining density at new snow/old snow
interface. Quick observation noticed some rounding of facets. New wind skin was
rapidly forming on ridges and on more southerly aspects was already an inch or 2
in thickness and showed obvious surface tension. Light snow all day. Some
locations on ridge showed wind transport of 6 inches or more.

There were one or two “sucker hole” clear patches but none lasted more than a minute, cold.

Last week there were 2 to 3 inche long “feathers” of surface hoar on the lower flanks of Sharks Fin North side (exit from Wolverine West face) in the meadows down low, there are some small, prime time slopes that may be good for finding and testing the worst of it.