Observation: Turnagain

Location: Sunburst W and S face

Route & General Observations

Between 30 and 40 inches of new snow. The quantity of new snow appears to be
compressing the buried surface hoar, we did however get one incidence of
collapsing in a location near a ridge top ( about 3200ft) where the snow was less
deep ( about 16 inches). Especially interesting since 2 people lighter than us
had already been there and the track settled with an extra 40 lbs or so of
weight. So strong enough to support a lady and not enough for the next guy.
The widespread variability of surface hoar from the previous 10 days in terms of
locations and size are making it interesting. We didn’t find any wind slab but
would expect that there are somewhere and waiting.
Obvious signs of small ridgetop cornice failure to small slides during storm.