Observation: Other Regions

Location: Sunburst

Route & General Observations

The Sunburst web camera had a bunch of snow on it when I checked
this morning; so, we headed up there to clean it off and get some
observations above 3500 feet. Turns out, it must have been
frozen rain.

We noticed a thin breakable crust at the parking lot, and to our
surprise we followed it up all the way up the ridge. We stopped
at about 3200′ due to poor visibility and wind. We saw the crust
up to that elevation; so, we figured that it continues up to the
webcam elevation of 3800′, and that is what is blocking the
camera. It must have been created by freezing rain last night
3/4/09. We did not expect to see this crust from the parking
lots to the ridgetops, but it is there.

WARNING: This crust might become very dangerous after it gets