Observation: Other Regions

Location: Sunburst

Route & General Observations

Numerous hand pits jive with what I found in this pit at about
2800′ on the Western aspect of Sunburst. Some interesting points
I’ve been finding in my pits lately is that the new snow does not
appear upside down like it is suppose to since heavier snow fell
on top of last weeks 6 inches of light snow. The density tests
show the snow getting progressivly denser as you move down toward
the crust. However, my compression tests and hand pits keep
getting a Q2 failure about 1 inch above the crust; so, maybe
there is still a slight upside down affect going on. Its just
hard to find it by poking at the pit wall.

The temperature gradient was bad last week above the crust on
Repeat Offender, but snow temps on Tincan and Sunburst over the
past two days do not show any gradient that would lead to the
future formation of facets above or below that crust.