Observation: Turnagain

Location: Sunburst

Route & General Observations

Skied a few laps on Sunburst this afternoon in the area skier’s right of and
just above the weather station. The upper slopes, just below the ridge, were
heavily wind affected – especially looker’s right of the weather station to
Taylor Pass. Good snow below, for 4/5 of the slope. Did note about three
small-medium sized snowed over glide cracks on the lower slopes. Covered, but
visible, and big enough to swallow up the oblivious skier. There was some minor
sluffing in steep, thinly covered, and rocky areas and a bit of small shallow
wind slabbiness in some areas just below the ridgeline.

Also noted numerous glide cracks on the south face of Tincan, where they
typically are. They appear to have reopened or widened, as it seems they did
close up or get snowed over quite a bit since fall and now seem apparent again.
The locations are under the upper most trees in the small bowl like feature,
where the slopes steepen and there is a bowl like feature directly below Tincan
Common, as well as in areas about in the middle third of the slopes below Tincan
Proper. The furthest East I noted one was were Tincan Proper drops down to the
library. This one looks as if it may have slid as seemed quite wide and there
was significant debris below it, although it could have been a large sluff from
someone skiing in the steep area above it. Several are very wide and large.