Observation: Turnagain

Location: Sunburst

Route & General Observations

Standard uptrack

Parking for 8-12ish cars with tight passing room

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Single digits to teens °F
Light south winds, moderate on ridge
Clear skies

Snow surface

Ski/boot pen: 15cm/35cm
Powder in leeward and protected terrain, and wind pressed surface conditions in exposed terrain



Testpit #1
West aspect
Buried surface hoar (2-3mm)↓12cm in this location
Nothing else noteworthy

Testpit #2
Southwest aspect
CT24 ↓20 on Buried surface hoar (2-3mm)
January Facet layer (4F hardness) was ↓150cm surrounded by 1F
Above the Jan. facets the structure in this location was right side up

Shovel tilt test at both testpit locations gave hard results at the BSH.
Hand shear testing at multiple locations gave us moderate to hard non planar results.
Wind exposed aspects above treeline were wind pressed, 1F harness
We saw insignificant tiny patches of 2mm surface hoar formation in wind protected areas, but suspect this could be an concern in other locations.

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