Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: Summit Road/$1000 run area

Route & General Observations

Glide cracks on north and northeast aspects of $1000 run area as viewed from summit road parking lot and summit road. Possible skier triggered release from one glide crack. Lots of small wet loose from southern slopes of skyscraper as viewed from summit road.

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Forecaster Comments

The possible skier triggered glide avalanche in this observation has been identified. This skier's track is actually a forecasters track that was made prior to any sign of glide crack or avalanche release. The glide crack and resulting glide avalanche did not occur until a few days after the skiers track was made. However, looking at the picture we can clearly see why the observer thought this glide avalanche was triggered by a skier. It is extremely unlikely and rare that a human would trigger glide avalanche and the general safety advice is to steer clear of any signs of glide cracks or releases.

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