Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: Summit Lake below Bennets Ridge

Route & General Observations

Toured up to the top of the pass just to look around. Lots of wind effect even on the Willow side. Got a couple of woomphs just below Bennets Ridge so dug a pit. Details below:

Elevation: 3880ft
Aspect: NW
Slope: 18 deg
Snow depth: 130cm
Profile: Fist 130-115
4 finger 115-90
1 finger 90-62


Pencil 62-52
1 finger 52-25
Fist 25-0 (basal facets or depth hoar)
CT25 at 105cm (25cm below surface) on what looked like a small facet layer
ECTN27 at 105cm (25 cm below the surface) Q2 shear
Could not get anything to go on the basal facets. Finally popped it out with my shovel.
Not sure how representative this pit was as I decided to ski low angle on the Willow side a few laps and encountered highly variable surface conditions from 8cm of surface sugar snow to supportable wind board…all within a few feet of each other. Got a test slope on the same aspect to go on the 5cm wind slab (est 35 to 40 deg). Played it safe and stuck to slopes 30 deg or less. Ski conditions left a little to be desired!

Photos & Video
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