Observation: Summit

Location: Summit Lake Area (Tenderfoot)

Route & General Observations

Cold and clear sky with a small new surface hoar forming on the surface. Generally shallow snowpack still.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Previous avalanche on South aspect in the top of the first gully of Tenderfoot. Possible human triggered (Ski tracks near avalanche and covered by avalanche debris as well) Unknown timeframe not previously reported.

Outside observation area on Sunday, Dec 18 at MP35.5 Moose Pass. Large natural avalanche witness by me at 11:19am. This avalanche made it to the valley floor and had a powder cloud associated with that avalanche.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Summit: Current Temperature:17F (Past 24 hours 16-20F)
One inch of new snow past 24 hours.
New surface hoar forming.

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