Observation: Summit

Location: Summit Lake

Route & General Observations

Up a ridgeline in the north summit zone and skied some ESE facing aspects. Snow transport observed most of mid-morning through the afternoon.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Cold in the valleys and a tad warmer in the sun. NNW wind was enough to transport snow above 3,500 for most of the day. Seemed rather localized at first and slowly expanded to a few other ridgelines later in the afternoon. Valley fog was in and out.

Snow surface

About 2"-3" new snow which fell on a variety on surfaces ranging from sun and wind crust to settled powder. Slight wind effect and a sluff on a 35 degree rollover. Some shallow fresh windslabs in some spots.


Pit on a SE aspect, 4,400 elevation, 17 degree slope. CTV and EXTV both failed 45cm below surface while trying to backcut through a knife hard slab. Failed on a crust above basal facets on some type of small rounding facet. Pit was 65cm deep; F15cm (basal facets), 1F35cm, K47cm, F65cm. Some other layers existed but cold and wind kept from noting much more detail.