Observation: Turnagain

Location: Suburst

Route & General Observations

We headed over to Sunburst today to take a look at the facets near the ground
above treeline. They are well developed (2-3mm), dry and weak. See pit photo. In this
area they are still just as loose and concerning as they were a month ago.
However, the stability tests are showing it is getting harder and harder to make
them fail. As they get buried deeper this will continue to make them hard to
trigger, but if they do fail it will be catastrophically.

Below is also a picture of Tincan Proper. There is a mid-slope deep slab
avalanche likely triggered naturally on January 8th. It is a bit hard to see in
the photo but it connected three ridges and two gullies. This shows the weak
layer is propagating over complex terrain and is a bad sign because a avalanche
triggered in one location can be much larger than anticipated.

Weather today was mostly sunny, chilly (mid-upper teens from the parking lot to
the ridgeline) and a slight breeze from the east.

No avalanche activity was observed in the past 24 hours.

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