Observation: Portage / Placer

Location: Squirrel Flats

Route & General Observations

Seward highway to Spencer Bench Cabin via Squirrel flats. Overnight at SBC then rode Squirrel flats and back down the north route and back to highway.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Older storm slab below Comet peak. SSW aspect. Maybe from 3/9-11 storm?
Minimal roller balls (but its starting) on South aspects, mostly below rocks.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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3/14-15 storm tapered off around 6p on 3/15. Vis improved significantly during the sunset hrs last night. Woke at the Cabin to dissipating valley clouds and clearing skies. Winds were calm and temp in the low 20's this morning. 28F at the highway at 5p but felt much warmer throughout the day in direct sun.

Snow surface

About 60 cm of settled storm snow from the last week (on top of the 3/9 surface). Appeared to be wind affected on some higher elevation peaks but for the most part it was consistent powder.


Dug 2 pits at 2200'. One on S aspect and one on North. HS = 300cm

Pit 1: 2200', SSW, 29 degree slope, ECTN down 35cm on stellars. 3/9 sun crust was ~55cm down. Couldn't get it to react in the pit. No buried surface hoar observed.

Pit #2: 2160', N, 24 degree slope, ECTX. No sun crust present. No buried surface hoar observed in upper 1 meter of snowpack.

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