Observation: Summit

Location: South - Summit Lake

Route & General Observations

Route up unknown peak to 2400′

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Large surface hoar crystals on the surface from 1500-2400.' Dry snow on top of Mfc, poorly bonded.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Clear skies, few clouds, calm winds. Temperature inversion in the AM.

Snow surface

Well developed surface hoar at all elevations averaging 4mm. Some as large as 8mm
1500' ~6cm dry snow above Mfc
2000' ~ 16cm dry snow above Mfc
2400' ~ 21cm dry snow over Mfc


HS 80cm @ 2000' W Aspect
HS 110cm @ 2400' W Aspect, 27 degree slop,
110-89 cm dry snow (F)
89-80cm, Mfc (P) layer with a thin 1F in the middle did not see facets.
80-47 cm, 1F
Didn't access the bottom, there were basal facets but alder branches made me not trust test results.

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