Observation: Other Regions

Location: South Fork Eagle River

Route & General Observations

Strong southerly wind channeled through S.Fork has stripped slopes and
crossloaded most gully features, a sad state of alternating bare ridges and
loaded gullies.
A few avalanches, one to Size 3, most likely ran last Saturday or Sunday during
the rain/warming event. Some look to have begun as drier slabs that then
entrained moist and wet snow lower down, below about 2700′. One avalanche on a
SW aspect ran down the gully to within a few meters of Highland Road.
Height of snow (HS) varied from 0 to 200cm in loaded gullies. In protected
areas,average HS was 40cm. 10cm light dry snow sat atop a breakable meltfreeze
crust. Small pockets of windslab behind little features such as clumps of trees
or rock outcroppings did not seem to be too sensitive to ski cut. In exposed
areas the crust was bare and quite slick.A mangey mix of decomposing fragments
and facets exists below the crust.