Observation: Other Regions

Location: South Fork Eagle River Trailhead

Route & General Observations

Dec. 11 2011 1300-1530
South Fork Eagle River Trailhead
1500-2600′, NE aspects, <35 degrees
East wind and snowfall picked up in PM. Gusts near Pass were strong enough to
knock a standing skier over. Blowing snow was loading lee features quickly.
Pockets of windslab to 50cm deep failed on skicut/jump at stormsnow/raincrust
interface. 4-6″ HN24 was adding up when we left >1″/hr. Terrain rather bare
across slopes and crossloaded in gullies. We probed up to 2m winddrifts in
gullies over the 111204 raincrust. Rain line below 1000′.

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