Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: South aspect accessed from Willow side thru Hatcher Pass proper

Route & General Observations

On April 15th, around 6pm myself and a partner were snow-machine skiing and had traversed from the NW side of Hatch Pk to the SW aspect. We hung out in Sunny bowl until approx 6:15pm. There had been no old or new slides observed on the lower sunny side ridge of Hatch peak. The rider dropped me off at the top of the ridge to ski. After waiting for the rider to be visible on the other side of the ridge, I was advised via radio that a slide had occurred that was not present when we first passed through. At that time I turned around and waited for the rider to return. After discussing the danger I decided to back off that line and skied back down the S aspect of Hatch and traversed around the SW aspect. At that time, we observed an additional section of the same ridge had also remotely released.
There were no skiers or riders caught in the slide. However the slide was deep enough it could have potentially buried had a skier been involved.

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Forecaster Comments

The exact location of these avalanches is unknown however, the character is similar to other avalanches that were observed and reported on Saturday.

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