Observation: Chugach State Park

Location: Ship Creek

Route & General Observations

Climbed up/skied down the north and south sides of The Sail and Shaman Dome, then exited via Bidarka Pass. Three small skier triggered windslab avalanches midslope on the south side of The Sail between 3,400 and 3,000 ft; slides were confined to recent wind blown storm snow loaded features and did not step down or propagate. One slightly larger natural avalanche (pic attached) also on the south side of the Sail running from ~3,600 ft to ~2,900 ft; wider propagation than the skier triggered slides (~150 feet) though didn’t seem to appear to step down past recent wind blown storm snow. No other recent naturals noted.

About 8 inches of settled snow in our week-old skin track by Bidarka. Wind slabs and wind effect seemed to be predominately mid-slope on southerly aspects (like halfway down The Sail and Bidarka). No ungulate encounters this week – for better or for worse.

Photos & Video
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