Observation: Turnagain

Location: see text

Route & General Observations

Tour information- sunburst parking lot to sunburst summit skied down, taylor
creek to taylor pass-Pastoral-skied SW chutes-skinned up cornbiscuit S ridge-top
of Super bowl-skied down the corner pocket-skinned up Magnum summit-skied down
to car at sunburst parking lot.

Obs- dug several quick pits found buried 4f wind slab above 3200′ in most areas
observed. This layer was the most reactive being what every sluff ran on today.
It ranged in depth throughout. ECTN12@160 22@150 buried wind slab top bottom
respectively. dug on S slope 34degrees depth 180cm to GND. isolated suncrust on
S slopes. Pastoral had moderate to strong wind transporting snow towards the SE.
The top of the chute was scoured with most loading within the first 100′. very
isolated tender wind slabs reactive with ski cuts and cornice bombs. Sluff
management was necessary on pastoral and superbowl. BIGGEST concern today glide
avalanches. the glide on sunburst that wendy observed sunday is now three times
as big. Extending towards taylor pass. We noticed many new glides on every
aspect and almost exclusively below 3600′. One new glide that happened today
was below the skin track on sunburst. We are in a very active glide cycle.

In general hero snow and clear skies.. a very good day