Observation: Turnagain

Location: Seattle Ridge

Route & General Observations

Seattle Ridge up track
Skied SE aspect

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Several glide cracks on Tincan have released and were reported a few days ago. See Tincan observation from 11-15-16.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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10-20mph NW winds along ridge
Lights winds at lower elevations

Snow surface

1000' - 5" of faceted low density snow on firm base
1500' - pockets of low density faceted snow (5") and breakable wind crust on SE aspects
2000-2400' - Mostly wind scoured ridges mixed with firm wind hardened snow and pockets of breakable 1-3" wind crust


Total height of snow varied from 12-20". There were areas of breakable wind skin covering poorly bonded faceted snow below. Dug several hand pits and found firmer (4F - 1F hard) base sitting on ground.

Photos & Video
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