Observation: Turnagain

Location: Seattle Ridge - 1st and 2nd Bowl plus weather station mission

Route & General Observations

Seattle Ridge up-track to the weather station via the ridge then dropped into 2nd and 1st bowl on the return

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Glide avalanches. The glide release on Seattle Ridge across from the parking lot is impressive (released late 3/6 or early 3/7). There was also one new glide on Sharks Fin (in last 48 hours).

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Clouds were in and out - everything from sun to completely obscured. Winds were light from the SE and temperatures mild - mid to upper 20's F. No precipitation.

Snow surface

A trace of new snow from yesterday covers soft settled powder. Did not see surface hoar except in valley bottoms.
Below 1,600' a crust sits under ~6" of soft snow. Many many tracks in the back bowls of Seattle Ridge.


The ridgetops in this area are 3,000' and lower. We saw some new wind drifted snow but not enough for fresh wind slabs. Stable snowpack, other than the wild cards (cornices and glides), was found.

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