Observation: Turnagain

Location: Seattle Ridge

Route & General Observations

Rode the common up-track over Seattle Ridge into Seattle Creek drainage. Looked into all bowls off the backside for any recent avalanche activity. None found. There was a high degree of wind effect and older avalanches from several days ago that have been filled back in.

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Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Sunny, warm and calm winds. Quite nice.

Snow surface

Significant wind damage in the Seattle Creek drainage due to the outflow NW winds on Thursday. Hard to see in photos, but sastrugi, scoured areas and large drifts are the theme.

No sun effect on south slopes despite direct sun, warming temps and light winds. The surface snow is generally soft below treeline and in sheltered areas above 2,000', which were hard to come by.


Dug one pit on Repeat Offender above and to the south of the up-track. Tried to find a zone representative of the snowboarder remotely triggered avalanche from Tuesday, Feb 19th on this same slope but further south. The wind pillows/scoured zones made it difficult to find a good spot as so much snow was relocated during the wind event after the avalanche.
Pit: 2,400', SE facing
ECTP 16 down 12" on facets below this week's storm snow.

Note: the bottom of the slab was stuck to a thin (1cm) old wind crust. The faceted layer that failed was directly below and was ~5cm (2") thick composed of 1mm small grained near surface facets.

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