Observation: Summit

Location: SE Summit Pass

Route & General Observations

800′ – HS 45, supportable rain crust under 4-6cm, marked rain runnels, LOUD skiing
1000′-1350′ HS 70-80cm, crust becomes unsupportable
2100′- HS 100cm, 10-15cm soft snow over MF crust (12/4)
2650′- notable wind effect increasing to Ridgeline
inversion and wind shear increase in valley throughout the day

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Strong snow over weak snow at ground
low density snow immediately above 12/4 crust

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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new snow after obvious prior rain
clear, cool, light breeze in the alpine
Obvious storm front to the South
a zephyr of warm air @ 1215h

Snow surface

increasing new snow with elev. and disappearance of 12/8 rain crust
1-1.5cm SSE wind skin above 2650'


3 pits w/in 30' radius high variability, all showed strong 1F slab over F basal facets (4-4.5mm)
100cm pit - ECTN, STE @ ground
80cm pit - ECTP24, CT16, STE @ ground
50cm pit - ECTP14, CT1, STE @ ground
Watch out for the thin part(s) of the slab!

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