Observation: Turnagain

Location: Petes South

Route & General Observations

Calm day with very light snow falling on Petes South. Winds on the top of the
ridge were light with moderate gusts from the northeast and transporting snow in
places along the ridgeline.

One skier triggered a very fresh wind slab just off the ridgeline, south facing.
It was short (6-20′ long), shallow (1-6″ deep), but wide (3-400′ wide). It
propagated from the lower end of the ridge to 300-400′ up and along the ridge.
There was not much mass in the slab but it did trigger sluffs all along this
3-400′ section which ran to the lower angled slope below (see debris photo).

Sun – There was a sun crust on the top 1/3 of this south facing slope that formed
yesterday (2/28). It seemed to be pockety, sensitive to slight changes is aspect,
and not widespread (~1-2cm thick and fairly easy to ski through).

There was around 12-18″ of soft settled powder on the surface in most locations.

Photos & Video
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