Observation: Turnagain

Location: Pete's North

Route & General Observations

Obvious Signs of Instability
Collapsing – large widespread collapses in the alders at 1450-1500 feet.

Mostly cloudy to overcast. Low fog in the valley.
Calm wind.

Surface observations.
Hard crust through the trees, transitioning to breakable, to soft at around 1800 feet.

Snowpack observations
This test showed that our slab now has moderate to high strength, but when it fails it can
collapse suddenly and release a lot of energy at once. This is a great example of a quality 1
result. ECTP 18 Q1. Failure layer was the facets just above the ground. Other nearby tests showed harder failures with propagation just under the December drizzle crust, but not nearly as dramatic as this video shows.

Photos show natural avalanche activity from the storm on January 4/5.

1. West face of Pete’s north, slid down steep rocky terrain into the trees. (panorama, showing large
blocky debris)

2. North face of Pete’s south. These slabs showed the same character as other avalanches during the storm – 2-3 feet deep, stripping to layers at or near the ground.

Photos & Video
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