Observation: Turnagain

Location: Pete’s North

Route & General Observations

Started from the Johnson Pass parking lot at 10:45am. High 30°s, mostly blue sky, intermittent wind from NE. Followed the skin track up. A fresh little layer of powder glopping on skins made for a little struggle. At 2,000 ft probed 220 cm. Above 2,300 ft noted a 2 inch wind slab on SW face of the rib, however above 2,500 still some soft powder on the NW face of the rib. Noted rollerballs and could see some wet sluff in the mountains around us. Turned around at 2,900 – couldn’t boot up and over the cornice to continue up the ridge. On the way down, the snowpack was a little grabby but plenty of fun. We hit it at 2:00pm, and it probably would have been just a little bit nicer later in the day. Unfortunately the snowpack down low was soft, unsupportable and made for an atrocious descent. Back at the parking lot at 3:15 pm, in the 40°s and feeling tropical.

Photos & Video
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