Observation: Turnagain

Location: Pete's North

Route & General Observations

From what we saw today, which is similar to what others have seen recently, the
new snow is showing good signs of bonding well with the old snow surface. We cut
down 3 sofa size cornices onto mid-upper 30 degree slopes that only produced
sluffing, this did entrain quite a bit of snow and ran till the slope angle
lessened (2-300+’). No propagation was seen. There was only loose snow under the
cornices, no wind slab. Most locations with older wind effect the wind slabs are
quite soft, deep and hard to crack out.

In a couple pits (2500′ – 3500′) we found stubborn Q2 and Q3 failures in the
new/old snow interface, just above the old snow (1cm above roughly). One
location with a soft, 4 finger, wind slab over the old surface facets, had 2 x
CT 17 Q2, 45 cm down.

At the lower elevations we found buried surface hoar 50 cm deep at ~1200′. We could only get very
stubborn shears to fail on this layer and no collapsing or cracking seen/felt.

Photos & Video
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